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                    Compliments to you for acknowledging and valuing your employees' well-being and knowing that a happy, positive & peak performing employee is your greatest asset. It is a win-win situation when you have employees who do their work at their best. And it can be contagious - that ripple effect spreading throughout the company and passing on to your clients & customers. Your Brand!

                    When you care about your employees, they care about you. That dedication radiates on to their work, other employees, and your customers. It's smart & simple!

 I have had the honor of being invited to present at:

Rich Products, Cisco International, Sealing Devices,

WomanUp Conferences,

Western New York Directors of Volunteers Association,

American Business Women’s Association,

National Association of Women Business Owners, NYS Women Inc., WNY Holistic Nurses Association, Parkview Pharmacy,

Lady of Virtue Conference & Retreat,

Canisius College Women In Business WIN Group,

Buffalo Wellfest, Wayside Church,

WNY Paralegal Association, Honeywell International,

Western New York Health Expo,

Erie County Public Library Wellness Series,

and more! 

                    We all continue to do business with companies where our experience with their employees is pleasant and high quality. We do not bring repeat business where it was not! It pays to invest in our employees' wellness. There is always a return on this investment! It is a better, more successful, and growing business. Be one of the Top Ten Places To Work!

                    Every day that we go off to work, many of us bring along the personal challenges and burdens that create the stress in our lives. We start our days trying to clear our heads and leave it behind so we can perform our job duties, but it is a tug-of-war all day - depleting and exhausting both mentally and physically. It affects our clarity, work volume, and interaction with co-workers - not to mention our clients/customers! This creates your work environment!

                    What if we knew there was a support system in place at work - a Life & Mindset Wellness Coach - where we could "check in" during a break or lunch period, once a week, every month? What would that feel like? It would immediately bring about a comfort in knowing that there was an outlet for the stress, somewhere to go with all of this, an intent listener whose attention is dedicated and non-judging, where the only agenda is our agenda, where we could obtain positivity, inspiration, guidance, a new perspective, and Life Tools for managing it all. We could get the help we may need and seek solutions during our workday, versus trying to find the time after work or take time off during work (which in both cases we probably wouldn't do), therefore leaving the stresses and challenges to continue and grow. Having a Visiting Life Coach on site or just a phone session away would also eliminate "work" as becoming yet another life stressor. We could still look forward to going to work!

                    I would be honored to be part of your team and assist your Human Resources Department, Employee Assistance Program, Employee Groups, or get you started in Creating Mindset Wellness In Your Company. And as convenient and valuable as a different contact each time on a "Help Hotline" may be, the care, attention, energy and support that is felt with Your Very Own Dedicated Coach, who knows your story, can make all the difference and can create a more positive forward-moving result than hanging up a phonecall with a stranger. Disconnected.

                    I connect with Heartstrings; and your employee has that knowing - that connection - in the meantime - between in-person or phone sessions.

                    One size does not fit all, and I do not "package" wellness needs. I am not a Consultant or an Expert in one field trying to fit your employees into one program where something or someone may be left out. Give me the challenge, I give you The How - The Tools. I am your "keep it simple" Life & Mindset Wellness Coach, dedicated to making a difference, always focusing on positivity, tailored to your specific requirements, starting with individual Employee Wellness needs, Company Schedules, Budgets, Policies, Programs, etc. Remember, your agenda is my only agenda!

                    I keep it smart, simple, comfortable & doable! Life doesn't have to be difficult or complicated. We can make a choice that it will be positive and happy. We can use our "Choose Instead" Life Tool to eliminate our stressors to get us there. We always have the Life Tools from Our Tool Belts to help us stay focused and moving forward! Wellness Equals Choices!

"Nancy Rizzo brings her positive wellness coaching to our Lunch & Learn Programs and our Annual Employee Health & Wellness Fairs. We are happy to have her!"

- Honeywell International, Buffalo, NY

Kim Foucha, Wellness Center Coordinator

Nancy's personal story. . .

                    "I had the honor of being my mother's caretaker, when she was in her late 60's, when she fought and lost her battle with cancer. She lived with us. Every day, before going to work, I gathered all my positivity and strength and welcomed her into her morning routine, getting her ready for the day before my aunts would come so I could go to work. I have no regrets. I gave it my all, wholeheartedly. My mother was a warrior. However, on the way to work, having to face my job responsibilities and leaving her behind, I would experience despair and anxiety. I would open the car windows and do my deep breathing exercises to stop the anxiety - all the way to work. My time at work during those stressful days was a blur. My work suffered, my staff suffered, my work environment suffered. This was the birth of my vision to have an on-site support system at work. This is what I wish in bringing my coaching to others - to make the greatest difference in a day in someone's life."

Nancy's professional story. . .

                    Oh My! This is about being in paralyzing fear and leaping faith - simultaneously - after I quit my job over 12 years ago and launched my Life Coaching Practice when everyone was asking, "What's a life coach?!?" (What was I thinking?!?) And this is where I share my Mindset Navigation™ System, Life Tools From Your Toolbelt™, and Conversational Intelligence® Expertise so all your aspirations come true too! Mindset First - Action Second™!.

Blessings, Nancy :)

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