I commend you for investing in yourself as a student of your life!

I know how hard it is to put yourself first. (Ask me about the Life Tool to use for that!) There is a schedule and a budget that is Simple, Comfortable, Doable and Your Way™. Never say never. There is always a Choice! No settling. No getting stuck. I'm an email or phonecall away. I give you permission to Give Yourself Permission to ASK. My job is to hear and support you.

Ongoing Coaching

(this means on the calendar every month: multiple times per month depending on what you're working on and how fast you want to rewire your new habits/new story/new normal!,

but no less than twice per month)

75 minute session (can't seem to finish in 60!) $125

One Time/One Topic "Laser Coaching" (not ongoing)

60 minute session $150


                    In person of course - or on your phone or device in a zoom or "teleclass" it's amazing & fun and you don't have to leave your cozy home. Puzzled about not being in person? So was I at first. But it just fits right in with Smart & Simple - one less place to rush off to - saves precious time, energy & gas - and is just as effective!)

                     Many of us share the same life areas we'd like to champion or focus more or less on & enjoy the connection with other like-minded friends. The extra supportive benefits of a group are that you have a larger support system, you experience the dynamics, fun & caring of group energy, you share the collective wisdom of the group, you can access coaching services for less, & you leave empowered, supported & inspired that you've made a contribution to someone else. We also share emails, handouts & hearts! Investment $ is based on number in group & schedule. Let's form a group - I'm here to coordinate your needs and ideas - call or email me for special pricing.

"I look forward every month to seeing you & our group.

Since I have started on this journey,

I am discovering more & more about myself.

I am truly loving every moment!"

- Colleen


           When you feel this much gratitude & are living the life you love, it's time to give back. I'm grateful to extend Coaching Scholarships. If you know you can benefit from coaching, and you are ready & committed to do the work, & your budget is the only thing stopping you, please do not hesitate to contact me & check the availability of this limited number of Coaching Scholarships.

(yes, this deserves repeating! . . .)


I commend you for investing in yourself as a student of your life!

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